Dermatologist; Never Put on 5 Things into Your Faces

To get the skin clean and smooth, it is important for you to pay attention to what you need and do not need to use for your face. Durham, NC, Brooke Jackson, MD says that Many people carry bags and products they try, but less often with skin care. Not always cream can keep your skin, even can irritate the face, make a negative situation, added Monclair, dermatologis NJ Jeanine Downie, MD. Therefore some products should be considered to be avoided by dermatologists. Here are some products that just make your skin worse, even damage the skin.
Dermatologist; Never Put on 5 Things into Your Faces

Chemical peels at home

Never use chemical peels at home. Many people buy medical care products online and it is too strong and the results are very bad, such as peeling, redness, and dangerous for long jangaka. Causes scars and discoloration, even they can also cause allergies.
Angela Domba, MD (Dermatologist, Mount Sinai)


"I stay away from using a loofah or buf puff on my face, too rough and can really make your skin irritated.
Get away from the use of loofah or buf-puf on the face, it is too rough and will irritate the skin. For acne and eczema and this sponge - it tends to attract bacteria and actually makes both conditions very bad.
Jeanine Downie, MD (Citra dermatology, Montclair, NJ)

Collagen and Moisturizer

Collagen molecules are too large to be topical. Even the active ingredients do not penetrate the skin, this means you just get a moisturizer that is too expensive.
S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD (CEO of Miami Skin Institute)

Abrasive face scrubs

Irritation and hyperpigmentation are an effect if you use an abrasive facial scrub.
Many people try to get rid of acne and the fact is not able to get rid of acne. Even to eliminate it need to use a cloth.
Brooke Jackson, MD (Skin Wellness Dermatology Associates in Durham, NC)

Microneedling Devices at home

It has a risk of severe infection because it creates many small holes in the skin. The skin barrier function will be disrupted. Never use this at home, to do microoneedling needs radio frequency in the office, and be in a clean and controlled environment to make it more secure.
Ava Shamban, MD (Dermatologist in Beverly Hills)


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Dermatologist; Never Put on 5 Things into Your Faces
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