Reduce Skin Cancer Risk by Eating Tomatoes Every Day

This is an exciting news for you fruit lovers, especially tomatoes. Yes, this fresh fruit can help prevent skin cancer if you eat every day. A recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports states that eating tomatoes regularly can reduce the risk of skin cancer. In general, tomatoes have been known for various properties especially for the skin. Lycopene is an active compound in fresh tomatoes that are always taken and utilized in many skin care products and other cosmetics.

Reduce Skin Cancer Risk by Eating Tomatoes Every Day 
Experts from Ohio University have conducted experiments on mice and the results are remarkable, namely that eating tomatoes regularly can reduce the chance of forming a skin cancer tumor that is as much as 50% in male rats. The American experiment was conducted by giving 10% of the Tomato powder to the regular diet for 35 weeks. They are then exposed to UV rays. The pigment compounds present in tomatoes can also help prevent and counteract the damaging effects of UV rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer. Such is the addition of the experts.

Other health benefits will also be obtained if you eat tomatoes regularly. Vitamin A and C that exist in the toma can help strengthen the immune and eliminate free radicals. In addition, tomatoes are also full of calcium and vitamin K which will help ensure healthy bones. Tomatoes are also able to manage blood sugar well because of the chromium content present in the tomatoes.

Tomatoes and strikingly colored fruit are known to contain antioxidants, other notable ingredients in tomatoes are lycopene and anthocyanins. Many of the benefits that can be obtained from tomatoes in addition to being able to reduce the risk of skin cancer, also helps protect from vision loss, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer (prostate) and heart disease. Similarly this article, you can start eating this red fruit that is able to help reduce the risk of skin cancer with tomatoes. Hopefully this article useful. 


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