What Type of Cancer Doctor You Need

Cancer is a very complicated disease, then you need to choose the right cancer specialist. Cancer treatment often involves several specialists at once.

What kind of cancer specialist do you need?

There are actually three ways to treat cancer. First, with drugs (including hormone therapy and immunotherapy), Secondly, with radiation, and lastly is surgery. Each type of cancer will be handled by different specialists, and not all use the three types of treatment. All depends on the type of cancer and stadium. Here's an overview of cancer specialists you should know:
What Type of Cancer Doctor You Need

First, the medical oncologist is the most common cancer specialist, will oversee general care and coordinate care to other specialists. He is responsible for hormone therapy, immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

Radiation Oncology: This cancer specialist treats cancer with radiation therapy.

Surgical oncology specialists are surgeons in treating cancer, diagnosing cancer with biobysis, also treating cancer by removing the tumor.

In essence it all depends on the case, and each case needs to be handled by a certain cancer specialist.

What Should You Look For in a Cancer Specialist?

Experience. As a cancer specialist it must have a lot of experience treating cancer, how many cases have been dealt with during the last year.

Good training. Make sure your doctor of choice has a special qualification. Where your doctor is training. Ask also if he has published a journal article on relevant cancer treatment.

Board certification. It is necessary to ensure that your chosen physician has passed the test of their knowledge and skills. For example an onologist or an operation, then he must have a special certificate in that field.

How Do You Find a Cancer Specialist?

Usually through a recommendation from a general practitioner, friend or relative. Or the insurance company may also have a list of providers who can handle this. In addition you can also contact the hospital to connect to a specialist that suits your type of cancer. Many American Medical Association, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, American College of Surgeons


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What Type of Cancer Doctor You Need
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